WoWoNiNi Hosting Solution

Hosting can be known as a “shop” but its operating through online. In general, there are people rent or buy a shop to host their business.

Hence, WoWoNiNi comes out the perfect web hosting plan that delivers the best value for money.

The plan includes web + email, 2 in 1 hosting solution to start up your online business.


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WoWoNiNi Hosting Overview

Shared hosting allows multiple websites to share a physical Web server and its resources among the hosted websites. It is logically distributes a Web server to accommodate, serve and operate more than one website.

Hosting Overview

  • Super Fast SAS Hard Disks

  • SpamAssassin Antispam Gateway

  • SSL Certificate to build trust

  • Secure Connection on SMTP, POP3, and Webmail

  • Speed up with optional CDN service

Trusted by Brands in Malaysia

WoWoNiNi vision is to become a leading branding IT company in Malaysia, not only our clients are confident to host with us, their prospective clients will feel secured and trusted on their business, if their website is hosted on a reliable hosting company – WoWoNiNi.

This is the purpose of connecting you & me

WoWoNiNi has very responsive team, multitude of customization and designs available, if you are looking for a great company with great support, this is the company to go for, would definitely recommend this company for a long term IT and application partner. Thank you Team WoWoNiNi !