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As more and more people get online, website become an essential connecting tool for any business to promote their products and services, connecting you and me.

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Our Services

Web design is not only creating a few pages or putting some pretty colors on it, the web design process goes much deeper than that.


Branding is all about how people perceive your company. It has to do with the images, information and experiences that others have relating to your business.


WoWoNiNi build the website according to your requirements with our creative ideas and cater with market requirements in responsive and SEO-friendly web design that deliver the results that you want!


When it comes to your online presence, there is so much more to think about than just your website. Your brand must shineand be consistentacross many platforms and media.

Our Clients

Connecting You & Me

WoWoNiNi business concept is ‘Connecting YOU and ME’, an attractive website is a good way to connect your business with your prospect clients.

We Develop for Mobile App, too.

In this era of technology, no doubt everyone are carries a mobile phone in his pocket. Mobile apps are able to turn your vision to reality, people are easier to access your business through mobile.

WoWoNiNi, with vision of connecting you & me, boasts years of experience in the field of mobile app development in Malaysia and we has the right skill set to craft a fully-functional, valuable and cost-efficient mobile app to our customers.

We Create Mobile Responsive Website.

Do you ever experience when you are viewing a website on your mobile phone, there is a miss-alignment of pictures, texts or forms appear on your mobile screen? While it was looked tightly on your laptop/desktop.

Mobile responsive website uses “HTML & CSS coding” to adjust the layout of the message, font sizes, images, and buttons; in some cases, they can even be used hide or swap content. This means, in effect, there are two versions of the layout – the desktop version and the mobile version. Based on where the message is being opened, PC or mobile device, the code automatically adapts and optimizes to the specific screen size or viewing device.

Our Designing
Process & Workflow.

Great websites design offer much more than just aesthetics, it will help to attract visitors and to let people understand the product, company, and branding through a variety of indicators, encompassing visuals, text, and interactions.

Hosting Solution

Website design is like renovate your online “shop”, hosting is a “shop” for you to host and run the business.

Project Research
Discussion with client on what goals and purposes of the website.
It is your website architecture structure. Wireframes provide a detailed view as a guide for defining content hierarchy that will appear on each page.
The overall web design style will most likely be determined by the visual brand of the organization. We will want to visually convey key brand perceptual ideas within the design.
Development included programming, image & video editing, etc. Website need to be tested it function properly before it is going to live!

Connecting You & Me

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